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“We are always there for You”

“We are always there for You”

Offering Wincore entry doors, and Crane Board insulated siding from the Exterior Portfolio Collection in the Greater Birmingham, Pelham, and Alabaster Alabama Area for over 20 years! 

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Soffit and Trim Offerings

When it comes to Soffit, ventilation or (net free air flow) is key.  Crane offers one of the highest rated air flow soffits. 

The amazing thing is that the perforations are “Virtually Invisible”.

So you get the best performing product as well as the best LOOKING!

  1. Air always contains water

  2. When Hot and cold air meet, condensation occurs

  3. Condensation can damage wood, plaster, paint and insulation

  4. Damp conditions can lead to mold and mildew growth

  5. Most states allow exclusion of mold damage from homeowner insurance policies

  6. Ventilation is critical to help eliminate damage to your home

  7. What the experts Recommend

  8. Protect your shingles and maintain their warranty

Fully vented soffit panels, cost a little less...but may not be the “look” you want for your home.

Crane T3 1/3 hidden vent soffit, exceeds minimum air flow requirements, but doesn’t compromise the look of your home!

Many companies use a solid/vented pattern, however this does not provide adequate ventilation to protect your home!

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